About the Project

The Dover & Rockaway Railroad (“D&R”) is an approximately six-mile long rail line that runs at grade level through the older neighborhood of mixed residential commercial and industrial uses in downtown Dover. The D&R currently connects to the NJ TRANSIT Morristown Line at the D&R Junction west of Dover. The overall project area is primarily located in the Town of Dover and Rockaway Borough, but includes small areas of Denville Township, Mine Hill Township, Randolph Township, Rockaway Township, Victory Gardens Borough, and Wharton Borough in Morris County.

The D&R has 18 at-grade road crossings through Dover and Rockaway townships, including 13 in Dover and 5 in Rockaway Township. None of these crossings have gates, and many are located in close proximity to each other. Any train movement along the D&R requires the train to stop at each crossing with railroad personnel manually flag-stopping roadway traffic to allow the train to pass.

This study aims to to develop and assess potential alternatives to relocate the existing junction between the D&R and the NJ TRANSIT Morristown Line to east of Dover. Moving the connection would allow for the elimination of un-gated at-grade crossings in downtown Dover and improve the efficiency and safety of freight rail transport on the D&R.